What is a Non-traded REIT?

A non-traded REIT has all of the characteristics of a REIT but does not trade on a public exchange.

In general, non-traded REITs are designed to be long-term investments that are less correlated with the performance of companies listed on a securities exchange.

How does a non-traded REIT work?1

1Various expenses are incurred during each stage of the non-traded REIT life cycle.
2During periods before each CPA® program has substantially invested the net proceeds of its public offerings in real estate assets, each program, including CPA®:18 – Global, has funded some or all of its distributions using offering proceeds.
Distributions are not guaranteed and they may change or be suspended.
3CPA®:18 – Global’s Board of Directors intends to consider a liquidity event seven years after the closing of the initial public offering.
There is no assurance that these goals will be achieved.